The 25 year old struck the struck the ball form spot kick against the bar, but the Argentinean coach thinks that even that the best players in the world sometimes blunder form the spot.

The Frenchman Antonio Griezman will continue taking penalties for Atletico Madrid in the face of his misses last night, coach Simeone said.

Griezman hit the spot kick against the bar in 84th minute, though they managed to win against the Bundesliga champion by 1-0.

In the first half Belgium international Yannick Ferreira Carrasco scores the opener for them, it was assisted by the 25 year old Frenchman, and it was enough for the Simeone’s man.

Atletico has gain three penalties in their last four champions league games and failing to score any of them.

"[Diego] Maradona, [Lionel] Messi, [Michel] Platini and Zico have all missed penalties. Griezmann will carry on taking them," Simeone said, via UEFA.

"We are very happy with his work. He started the counter-attack for the goal and he did a thousand things.

"For me, he is in amongst the best forwards in the world."

The young Belgium scored the frist goal for Atletico in the 35th minute and that proved to be that match winner for them.

The Argentinian was also full of accolade for Spanish midfielder Koke, saying: "We have been working with Koke for the last two years, moving him more inside.

"He is looking more natural there and seems to be the boss in there. It works well and he enables the team recover the ball much more quickly."