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The 28-year-old Atletico Madrid striker left his club Atletico Madrid after winning a La Liga title with them and an outrageous run through European competition.


The Argentine coach of Atletico Madrid Diego Simeone has no regrets over choosing the striker for the Champions league final game against Real Madrid,

According to Simeone Diego Costa has the same impact o Atletico Madrid what Messi has over Barcelona.

In the 2013-2014 season, Diego Costa helped the Atletico Madrid side to win the La Liga title, in that season he scored 36 goals for them In all competitions.

However, he picked up an injury in his last week at Atletico Madrid days and because of that he only played nine minutes in the Champions league final against Real Madrid in Lisbon.

After that, he joined the Chelsea side in the English premier league and his side lost that battle against the Real Madrid side by 4-1after extra time.

Simeone said: "If I had it all over again, he'd play the final from the start again. How could our best player not play?"

"He wasn't injured! Did you see the 100m sprints he was doing out on the pitch?

"I said: 'If this lad can give me 45 minutes in the Champions League final…' It's Diego Costa!

"It's like Messi being at 50 per cent and not playing for Barca in the Champions League final. For us, Diego Costa was our Messi."

Losing both the Champions league finals against the Real Madrid side affected the Argentine coach deeply and he also feels his players recovers quickly from that lost,

He added: "Any other team that lost two finals in that way – other than Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich, clubs that are so used to playing finals – would have gone into decline,"

"Time will bear out the importance of what we achieved. It'll be historic, legendary."