Serie a: Napoli still the Serie A contenders


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The Juventus manager believes that his side win over Napoli is a positive result for his team but also thinks that the match result will not change the Napoli’s monopoly in Serie A.

Last night at Stadio San Paolo Napoli bite the dust against the Serie A giants Juventus by 1-0 goal, but the Juventus gaffer thinks that still Napoli is the team to claim the Serie A title this season.

In that match the former Napoli man scored the only solo goal for the old Lady side, and with that win now Juventus just climbed up in the Serie A table in the second spot.

If Inter Milan can manage to win their match against Chievo on Sunday then they can be at at the top spot of the table , while with them Roma is also there, they are four points behind the top spot with  a game in hand.

After the match Allegri said: "It was a good test tonight, the lads had some favourable situations in the first half and took the lead.

"Napoli kept a lot of possession in the second half and put pressure on, but we allowed them very little in terms of chances. If anything, Pepe Reina performed a miracle on Blaise Matuidi.

"Now we are one point behind Napoli, it's a good result, but we have to look forward now to Tuesday, as there is a place in the Champions League round of 16 at stake.

"We have to compliment Napoli, who put in a good performance, confirmed they are still the Scudetto favourites and play really pleasant football."