Serie A: Milan should have sign Belotti or Aubameyang-Costacurta



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The former Seire A Superstar believes that his club AC Milan is paying their price not to sign another world class striker for them.


The former Milan player believes that this season AC Milan would have been in a different state if they had one world class attacker in their squad.


Before last night’s game AC Milan was struggling their form this season under Montella and in the recent past they have faced defeats against their city Rivals Inter Milan in the Milan derby by 3-2 goals In Serie A.


But last night Milan stood the ground and showcased scintillating performance against the Chievo, and this weekend they will face Juventus in their Serie A clash.


In this transfer season the Milan side has empty their bank account and they have spent more over €190 million to redefine their squad,


In the transfer season Aubameyang and Belotti both were linked with Milan but neither deal was materialized by the Milan.


Costacurta strongly feels that signing of Belotti or Aubameyang could have improved their situation.


The 51 year old attacker said: "With someone like Belotti or Aubameyang in attack, we would be talking about a very different Milan,"


"It's pretty clear they lack a quality centre-forward because they do get crosses in and their strikers make a lot of mistakes in front of goal."