Serie A : Milan and Inter Need time- Cannavaro


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Serie A legend Cannavaro believes that both the Milan giants need to be patient to reach to the top of the World football again.

The former Inter Milan player Fabio Cannavaro believes that both the Milan clubs need some time to challenge for the Serie A title.

In the recent few years Serie A  giants  AC Milan and Inter Milan have taken a back seat and Juventus Dominated the Serie A over the past Six years and this season they are on a quest to win their seventh successive Serie A title but this season both the Milanese club made some reinforcement in their squad and they are hopeful to return to the top of the Serie A.

Cannavaro believes that time is needed for both the club to reach the level what they are desired

Cannavaro says: "They have financial resources and they will always be fighting for the biggest objectives,"

But it will need time in order for them to organise themselves.

"Napoli, for example, have arrived at their level after 10-12 years."

On the October 15 both the Milan giants will tackle each other after the international break.