Send Us Messi: Roma president

Football News: James Pallotta avouches that he will only forgive the Catalan giants for their unethical manner if they send their main man Lionel Messi in a peace offering.

Roma President demands Messi in Rome.

Roma was on the verge of the signing of the Brazilian winger Malcom in this season, but in the last moment, the Spanish giants Gazumped them with a bid of €41million.

The French national side Bordeaux accept the offer form them and change their destination after they set to board for a flight to Rome.

The Roma president believes that the deal was almost done and the Brazilian winger also eager to join them, it’s just only a matter of few hours when he turns his back to Roma.

In an Interview, the American businessman condemned both the clubs and he is ready to take some legal action against this.

He voiced: "In terms of Barcelona, it looks like a pattern for them over the last few years of doing things that just should not be done at a club with the reputation that Barcelona intends to have,"

"In fact, they apologized for their actions and how they went about things. I don't accept the apology.

"The only way I'll accept it is on either one of two conditions: one, they give the player to us. That's obviously not going to happen.

"Two, maybe as a goodwill gesture at the very least they could send us Messi!

"I think in this case the player wanted to come to us. I think a lot of clubs were interested in him but did not want to bother him because maybe they did not think they had a shot at him in terms of the timing.

"We had a guy over there talking with the player in person. The deal was done.

"I have zero problem battling it out for a player with another big club, if we are all going through the same process trying to get him. That's the way it works.

"But, at the end of the day, when the deal is done and completely agreed… we all know how it works, the kid comes in for a medical and then it is signed.

"Other teams know not to come in and do what Barcelona did. Bordeaux should never have done what they did – the legal side will come later, but it is immoral and unethical too."