Seire A: Juve Received no Bid Bid From Barcelona for Dybala


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The Serie A giants Juventus’s CEO avouched that they did  not receive any bid from Barca side for the Argentine striker, while he Rehearse  his desire to keep hold on to the Striker.

Giuseppe Marotta the CEO of Juventus side refused to receive any offer from the Baca side and also he is determined to hold on to Dybala.

This season there were several rumors are lurking in the air that the young Argentine international will join the Catalan side from Seire A  as a replacement of Neymar. 

But the deal could not take place as the Serie A giant Juventus FC’s CEO said they did not receive any kind of offer from them.

For this season the 23 year old Argentine attacker stays with the  Juventus fc, But he did refuse to rule out a future possibility to play side by side with his countryman Messi on a club level.

Last night both the Team faced each other in the Champions league group stage match, where the Seire A side Juventus side bites the dust against the Barca side, and they conceded 3 goals.

About Dybala’s transfer Juventus CEO said: "We did not receive any direct offer from Barcelona for Dybala, but above all we had absolutely no intention of selling him and were certain he'd wear the Juventus jersey,

"We even gave him more responsibility with the number 10, a shirt that holds a great deal of importance in the tradition of Juventus."

 Few months ago Dybala signed a five year contract extension with the Juventus side and now he is tied up with them until 2022.