Seire A: Higuain become a burden to Juventus-Ravanelli

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According to the Juventus news, this season the Serie A star has found goals hard to come by this season so far, and the former Italian international Fabrizio Ravanelli believes that his absence in his international duty getting influenced his club level form.

According to the Former Italian manager the Argentina striker has now become a burden to the Seire A giants Juventus  Fc as this season he I facing a hard time in front of the goals and also overlooked by the Argentine manager.

The 29-year-old Argentine striker has been prolific over his career so far, for which the Juventus Fc News says in the year of 2016 they had paid €90 million to sign him from Napoli.

Last season he has scored 32 goals for the Juventus Fc side in all competition but this term he failed to bring that up and only managed to score two goals for them so far, on the other hand, his compatriot Paulo Dybala steal the spotlight from him this season.

The former Juventus striker said: “He’s really confused, he looks like a shadow of the Higuain we know.

“Allegri continuing to play him right now doesn’t help him, because he needs tranquility. His problem is more mental than physical.

“I think being left out of the national team hurt him, he should rest, above all his head. He should take a week’s holiday and then come back.

“He’s frustrated, he’s out of the game, he’s always trying to force it and he won’t help the team like that.

“I’d leave him out for the derby. I think he’s currently a burden for Juve, aside from the goals he’s scored he hasn’t been the Gonzalo we know.