German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger says that he does not possess any private issue with manager Jose Mourinho and still he desires to appear for Manchester United



The German midfielder was made to sit for the first three matches of the Premier League season by the manager and still he does not have any grudge for him, instead he wants to come back and play for his team if Mourinho agrees.


Schweinsteiger entered BayernMunich in July 2015 but ended in new maneger’s blessings in United and has been training with the reserves.


 "My absolute dream would be to play for Manchester United and to help them with their goals.

"I have no personal problems with Jose Mourinho. I still believe in my own ability. I could still help United if given the chance.

"I have to wait and see now how it goes in September and October and how it develops. One thing is for sure, I'm not going to stop playing football." 

"The MLS transfer window is closed. So it won't happen this season. But of course, the US is an option." said Schweinsteiger.


Schweinsteiger's successor as Germany's captain is not yet chosen, he under Germany coach thinks to be fortunate under whom the midfielder won the 2014 World Cup and reached Euro 2016 semi finals.


"We are very fortunate to have such a national coach,"

"When you see his record, I do not know if there is a national team who has a coach like his.

"He has developed as a coach and I am pleased to have played for him." added the German midfielder.