German midfielder Ilkay Gundogan throws down Jose Mourinho's discourteous treatment of Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Schweinsteiger has been banished by Mourinho, and the Gunner skipper has also has his say ,by saying that he has been a oblation of bad luck.
Ilkay Gundogan has cast down Jose Mourinho's behavior to former German international Bastian Schweinsteiger stained it discourteous.

Mourinho has banished Schweinsteiger since taking over at United, from Louis Van Gaal, when the former German international abyss over his future and training with the young players.

The Red Devils registered is name for the Premier League, but the special one didn’t include him in the team and has been told that there is no room for him.

The German international who plays edgewise Schweinsteiger for Germany said that: "If everything you hear and read is true, you can consider it disrespectful.

"He's not just some player, and also not only 18 or 19. I believe that Manchester united could 100 percent benefit from a fit Bastian Schweinsteiger."

Schweinsteiger retires from his international duty, and the 25 year old German midfielder says that : I trusted myself to do that before [Schweinsteiger's retirement], but this has nothing to do with saying his retirement is positive or negative.

"We should be thankful that we had such a great player."

The former German defender and the Gunners skipper said that: Schweinsteiger had been a pray of bad luck following the Red Devil decide to sack Van Gaal and appoint the special one.

"It's bad luck for him that he joined a club that has again changed its manager, and that the new manager doesn't want him," said Mertesacker.

"It can happen to you at any time in this business, and it's a bit perverse, but Basti signed a good contract, and he knew where he was going.