The 42 year old former Manchester United player Paul Scholes believes that his former Manchester United team mate deserves a deal.


Paul Scholes reveals that if he were the supremo of Manchester United then he did not think twice to offer Carrick a new deal.

Last year when Manchester United appointed Jose Mourinho as their new manager then the special one only offer the 35 year old Veteran midfielder Carrick a  one year deal.

This season the 35 year old midfielder was used sparingly by the special one, and that ensue  some questions that whether this season he will be with the Manchester United side or not.

In an interview Scholes added: “He’s definitely worth another year, Michael,"

"He’s not a player who burns himself out in games, he’s more of a controlled player, he’s a fit lad but he always knows where to be on a football pitch.

“He’s always in the right place, he plays his position brilliantly and when he came into the team from October onwards there were something like 16, 17 or 18 games maybe where they didn’t lose.

"He had a big influence on people like Paul Pogba, he got the best out of him and Herrera. He’s just tailed off a little bit over the last couple of weeks but I still think he’s got a part to play.”

During the Manchester’s last match against Blackburn where they won the match against them by 2-1 in the FA Cup fifth round,

 In that match Carrick was introduced by the special one.

Also, he can be framed against Saint-Etienne in the Europa league second leg,

Scholes accolades about his former teammate Carriack he thinks his merit can make a difference to any side.

He added: “It was a big help for me when I was playing,”

“I can only talk from experience from what you know and I knew playing with Michael that I had somebody next to me who was reliable. He was always in the right place.

“If you wandered off somewhere it didn’t matter because Michael would be there behind you backing you up. It was just about being really comfortable with who’s playing next to you and whenever I played with Michael I always felt comfortable."