Scholes can say whatever he wants: Mourinho

Football News: Last night the Red Devils held a goalless draw against the Spanish side Valencia in their Champions league fixture and after the match former Manchester legend describe their current manager as an embarrassing one.

Scholes criticized the Special one.

Manchester United manager defended by saying that the former Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has the freedom of speech and he can say anything.

Scholes astonished to see Mourinho getting survived after Red Devils lost their premier league match against West Ham by 3-1 goals and after they held the goalless draw against Valencia.

After being accused by former Manchester United player because of his playing style, in the post-match press conference, the special one showed amazing restraint in front of Media.

The Portuguese manager voiced: "I don't need to know what he said,"

"He can say what he wants to say. I'm not interested."

In reply to Scholes comment, he replied: "Freedom of speech. It's a free country, he can say what he wants."

Last night the Red Devils were Booed at their home ground by their fans, During the second half cries of attack, attack, an attack was heard.

Mourinho responded: "Freedom of speech,"

"Especially Manchester United fans. I respect them 100 per cent."

The goalless draw against Valencia set a new low to Mourinho’s career, before this he has never gone four home matches without the win.

Now United will face Newcastle in their next match in the premier league, and they will be desperate to win that match before the international break.