Yes, the Germany international and Manchester United’s midfielder Bastian Scheweinsteiger announced his retirement from International football.

The 31-year-old made his debut for the national team in 2004. He made 120 appearances for Germany in which he helped his nation to lift the most valuable world cup in 2014 after beating Argentina in final.

German midfielder also has lead his national team in UEFA EURO 2016 and lost in the semi-final with the hosting team France.

He published his statement in Manchester United and said he is happy with his international career and he believes that he can’t reproduce, what he has achieved in 2014 world cup.

After the announcement the German midfielder said, “I have recently asked the coach to not nominate me for the national team anymore because I would like to retire,"
"I was allowed to collect 120 caps for my country and I lived some moments which have been indescribably beautiful and successful.
"Jogi Low knew how much Euro 2016 in France meant to me because I really wanted to win that title we have not been able to win since 1996.
"It was not meant to be, I have to accept that.
"By winning the World Cup in 2014 we achieved something on a historic and emotional level that I cannot reproduce in my career.
"That's why it is right and reasonable to finish it and to wish the team all the best for the qualifiication for the 2018 World Cup.
"With this decision I leave the national team that has always been a precious family for me. I hope that the connection will still remain strong in one way or the other.
"I would like to say to our fans: 'It was an honor to play for you guys. Many thanks for everything that we have gone through together'."