Last night the Napoli side won their match against Juventus side by 3-2 goals, and the Napoli supremo thinks that shows that they are closing their gap with the Juventus side.


Last night the Napoli side hosts the Juventus side for the     Coppa Italia second leg match and they managed to defeat the Serie A champions by 3-2 goals.

Though the Napoli side was out of the Tournament by 5-4 aggregate but this is the first time they are able to beat the Juventus team in this season,

The former Napoli star Gonzalo Higuain scored the both the goals for the Juventus side,

In the first leg, the Napoli side faced a defeat against Juventus by 3-1 goals and the Napoli coach believes that asks his boys too much to do in the second leg.

Sarri said: "It was a great performance, we scored three goals against a side that usually concedes very few, but we were unable to overturn the first-leg result,"

"There are some regrets, at the end those 20 seconds in Turin where we could've gone 2-2 and instead went 3-1 down really made the difference.

"They made a big impact on the tie overall, naturally luck makes a difference in these situations. 

"The good thing about these two games is that we are slowly closing the quality gap on Juventus."

A few days earlier in the Serie, A match Napoli side drew their match against the Juventus side by a b1-1 goal.

On this, the Napoli coach added: "We need to finish the growth process in terms of character, maturity, tactics and concentration,"

"It's a team that overall seems to have grown a great deal already. 

"On Sunday we caused huge problems for Juventus, tonight [Wednesday] we changed six or seven players and still caused them problems. That's positive.

"We had several players born in the 1990s and that too is positive. I think that over the course of this season, the team to have made life the most difficult for Juventus was us."