The Indian international Sanju Pradhan, who is currently playing for the, I league side club DSK Shivajians F.C. has recently expressed his disappointment with the Oorja CAPFs Under-19 Talent Hunt Football Tournament officials.


The 27-year-old Sikkim born Indian winger is currently running a youth football academy in Sombaria, South Sikkim since 2013 with the help of some likeminded Youths and seniors from there, but this Academy of Sanju Pradhan has not been informed or invited for such a big tournament like “Oorja CAPFs Under-19 Talent Hunt Football Tournament” which is being held in Gangtok from 1st May 2017.


And this made the former East Bengal skipper so disappointed that in a press release Sanju said, 


Dear Sir/ Madam,

"I request you to kindly give some space to my views in your esteemed media outlets. "

"I have thought long and hard before going public with this statement of mine. First thing I thought was I will give an impression that I am disappointed because it concerns my Academy and it will sound personal but again I thought about all those kids who train everyday at my Academy and give their best will want me to take a stand on this , they might be telling me its not just about you its about us too, So i decided to share my thoughts."

"I am happy as well as sad today. Happy because such a big tournament “Oorja CAPFs Under-19 Talent Hunt Football Tournament” is being held in Gangtok from 1st May 2017. It will give a huge platform to the young and talented players from our state Sikkim."

"Now let me explain the Sadness. I am sad as I have been running a football academy in Sombaria since 2013 with the help of some like minded Youths and Seniors from there and this Academy of mine has not been informed or invited for such a prestigious tournament. This would have given our boys a real chance to show their talent at the National level."

"In the last few days I spent most of my time calling up the organizers and pleading with them to also include my Academy team in the tournament but all of them said that its too late and the fixture is already out and its hard to adjust your team. Alright I understand their point of view it might be late now but when they were inviting teams didn't they think about my Academy?. I was hopeful that at-least the people involved closely with football in my own state knew about my Academy and the effort I am making to take football to one of the remotest corner of Sikkim. How I was proved wrong here."
"I have represented India in various International Football Tournaments, have been the  captain of East Bengal  one of the most respected club of the country. I have always been honest to the game and now I am putting all my efforts to support the youngsters through my Academy. In spite of my all efforts if the organizers or the system doesn’t support me, Its really hard for me to work and this kind of situation leaves me helpless."  

"All the boys at the Academy train everyday, thinking that they will get to play in big tournaments one day and when that tournament finally comes to your own state. Your team doesn't feature in the team list. Its sad for the boys its sad for me and its sad for everyone."

"I am not pointing fingers at anyone here, I just wanted my voice to be heard and I hope this stand of mine will also send out a message to all the football lovers from Sikkim who honestly feel for the game to come out and do their bit to improve the overall pathetic condition of football which is prevailing in the State currently."

Thanking You!
Your’s Sincerely
Sanju Pradhan
(Professional Footballer)