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The former Real Madrid superstar believes that the Portuguese superstar will move to continents if he decides to leave the Real Madrid side.


Michel Salgado thinks the 32-year-old Portuguese attacker will not leave Real Madrid for another European club.


In the beginning of this season, there were rumors are there that Ronaldo might leave Real Madrid side in this season and would join his former side Manchester United side or the French capital side PSG after he was alleged with tax fraud in Spain.

But Ronaldo is likely to play his football for the Real Madrid side for the upcoming season.

Salgado voiced: "I don't see Ronaldo with another shirt, at least in top football,"

"Maybe he will retire in Real Madrid and or maybe he is then going to try another league like the US or something like that. 

"But in top football, in Europe, I don't think Ronaldo is going to change club. I think he is comfortable in Real Madrid. 

"Right now he is our soul, he is the guy that we all look to when we are playing the big games, and to be honest I think he is going to stay.

"Ronaldo is going to play for Real Madrid for sure. I don't see him wearing othercolours."

The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho also avouched that Ronaldo’s move to Manchester United this term is impossible.

Last season Ronaldo helped the Real Madrid side to win the Champions league trophy and the La Liga silverware and because of that, he is the hot favorite to win this terms Ballon d'Or crown.

Salgado added: "Well it is going to be difficult, because although he finished the season in amazing form and he is getting a little bit older every year,"

But I know him, he is a professional, he is going to be ready to be the important guy that he is, in the important games. He is going to learn to do that. 

"I think that is the thing that helearnt in the last year, he was ready to be Cristiano Ronaldo when we needed, in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. 

"So I think he is saving the energy through the season. He is doing really well under the manager and is physically very good. Maybe he cannot [increase his level] further butobviously he is going to be really important for Real Madrid."