The 30 year old striker has been banishing to the bench after a poor display of the season, but the special one affirmed that he will remain the captain.

The Portuguese has enforce Wayen Rooney will remain the skipper for Manchester United in the face of losing his spot in the first team.

The special one has dropped Rooney from the starting lineup last week Premier League match against Leicester City, and the special one also kept him in the bench in the Europa league game against Zorya Luhansk.

None the less, Mourinho is dour Rooney has no reason to worry about potentially losing his captaincy, neglectful of his changed status.

Wayne is the captain, no matter what," the manager told reporters.

"It doesn't matter whether he is on or off the pitch. He is my captain and the captain of the club and the captain of the players. 

"And that is difficult, to be the captain of everyone. So he has all the respect and all the support. He is a Manchester United man, he is a great professional and wants to win and of course he was happy when we scored.

"He is speaking to the players and motivates people. He does exactly in the dressing room the same as he did a couple of weeks ago when he was starting matches. He is our man. He will score goals for us and he will work hard for us, I have no doubts about it."