The captain of the English football team confesses that he is looking forward to spark the bodily contradictions he had with the France international while training for the previous session.

Wayne Rooney is quite clear with his words saying he is rejoicing the fact of training with Paul Pogba yet again and have confidence regarding Manchester United are making a “very big statement” by signing the midfielder.

Although Pogba has appeared for only seven times for the United, Rooney recollects the memory of the French international’s incredible physicality during their sessions where they trained together and the England captain speaks of the 23-year-old has incomplete work to be done at Old Trafford.


When questioned by the Daily Mail regarding what can he recollect while training with Pogba, Rooney replied:

He was one of those players who, when you trained against him, somehow he would just hurt you. A knee in your side, bump into you, I don’t think he meant to do it, but it just happened.
“You didn’t even need to get into a tackle. Just go next to him and you’d find an elbow or some other sharp bit. So, if he comes, I’m looking forward to that again! 

“But he had great ability, some of the things he could do, and he’s gone up a level since he left us.

“I hope he is going to want to return to United and prove he’s a top-class player. 

“If he is excited to play for us, we’ll be excited to have him back. I’m sure he’ll feel there is unfinished business, and it would be a very big statement by the club if they can make it happen.”