Wayne Rooney thinks that Jose Mourinho is a real groom for Manchester United.


The 31 year old striker believes that the special one’s winning mentality has sharpened the mentality of the Manchester United players.

After Sir Alex Ferguson the Manchester United side is unable to establish their performance under various coaches, and they have suffered some grievous time in this period and now they are on a winning note again under the special one.

After Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign the Manchester United won the only single FA cup last season and more over they are unable to qualify for the Champions league for the last few seasons.

Now the Portuguese manager is arrayed to take the club where it belongs to and the 31 year old English skipper accolades about the Portuguese manager.

Rooney added: "He's obviously a top manager – I think his record at all the clubs he's been at shows that,"


"I think he knows what he wants from the players, and the players know what the manager wants from them.


"He's strong in that sense but as long as you're doing what he wants, then I'm sure you'll be fine.


"I think you can see he has got a winning mentality – not that we didn't have that already, but he's certainly reminded us of that."

There are more things to do for them as they are sitting in the sixth position of the table, but they are only five points away from the second place Tottenham side.

The 31 year old United’s all time top scorer believes that it is impossible to touch down Chelsea this season and this season they are out of reach.

But the striker believes that this season they can finish in the top four of the table.

Rooney added: "I think it's going okay,"

"We're in a good position in terms of making the top four. Obviously our ambition was to try and be champions, which will be difficult now. We know that.


"But we're right there in terms of trying to place ourselves in the top four.


"We're still in the Europa League, in the final of the League Cup and still in the FA Cup, so they're trophies we believe we've got a strong enough squad to go and win.


"Then obviously now probably we have to look at trying to finish in the top four."