The 23 year old English national winger believes that no can criticize Rooney; he believes that the cold of his captain’s performance is unfair.

No one have the right to criticize the Manchester United and the England captain Wayen Rooney because he has achieved a lot of things in this game.

Gareth Southgate the English boss recalled the 23 year old winger and he is hoping t have his first senior cap against Malta on world cup qualifiers, he does not feel the Red Devils captain deserve the negative publicity.

Rooney has lost his place at Manchester united starting lineup under the special one and now questioned about his national team position in the face being kept off on as captain after Euro 2016.

"I think that, really, because [of what he's achieved], no-one can say anything [bad] about him," Lingard told reporters of England's record goal scorer.

"He's determined to get back and hopefully he can do that. I think he's very determined.

"Even though he hasn't been playing for the club, he's still supporting us and he's going to get back into the fold. He's remained captain here, which is great, and that will be great for his confidence as well.

"I've known Wayne for a long time and he's very determined to play. He's got a love for the game which hasn't left him. He's been a top professional on and off the field for us and we look up to him as well.

"For the club, he's a great leader for us – as young lads, we can speak to him whenever we want and he always helps the young lads, which is good. He's been doing it now for a couple of years."