Ronaldo will find Serie A difficult than La Liga: Cafu

Football News: The former Madrid man will find his life difficult in La Liga according to the former Brazilian star.

Ronaldo will face more challenges in Serie A than La Liga.

According to the former Brazilian man, the Portuguese man will find his life a bit difficult in the Italian Ligue than the Spanish League after a big money transfer to Juventus from Madrid.

This season he made a move to Juventus and he unable to find the nets for the Juventus side in his first three matches and then he opened his score against Sassuolo on Saturday where he scored a brace for them and won it for his new club.

Ronaldo is on fire for the Old Lady side since his debut goal, and this season so far he has scored three goals for Juventus and made four assists, and scored a hat-trick in their last game against Napoli.

Former Brazilian legend Cafu who players 11 seasons in Serie A with Roma and Milan believes that the 33-year-old will face the baptism of fire in Serie A.

Cafu voiced: "He will suffer a little in the Serie A because Serie A is a lot more difficult than La Liga in terms of the contrast in teams and in terms of the physical contact,"

"But Ronaldo is always Cristiano Ronaldo. [He is the] best player in the world and will give a little more star power to Serie A."

Ronaldo will miss Juventus's second match in the Champions league against the Young Boys because of his suspension, and then he will face his former club Manchester United in back to back action in their Champions League group matches.