The Portuguese superstar was withdrawn by the Frenchman in the 72 minute, and made no effort to hide his disappointed.

No player is bigger than a club, and that includes Cristiano Ronaldo.The Portuguese was substituted by Zinedine Zidane at Las Plamas and muttered to himself in annoyance. But Ronaldo needs to understand that the team comes first.

Ronaldo assists the second goal for what looked like the winner for the Karim Benzema against the Canary Islanders, but the Frenchman called him off moments later then he got amused as he walked past his coach.

However the situation was understandable, because the Real Madrid have a match against Dortmund in Champions League. And the Frenchman was keen to give his best forward to give some rest as he thinks he is not fully fit.

"We have a game on Tuesday and we have to give him a rest sometimes," Zidane said after the match. "He was playing well, I have to choose, and I was thinking about Tuesday."

The 31 year old Portuguese says that: "Of course he always wants to stay on the pitch, but I have to think of my players and particularly about Cristiano. We have a game on Tuesday and he has to rest sometimes. This doesn't change anything."

Ronaldo and Messi want to play every single minute of the game though he has to understand that occasion a rest is necessary.