There is a reason why Ronaldo is considered as one of the greats of modern football, and his contribution for the Los Blancos proves the first statement to the tee.

Madrid’s president Fiorentino Perez praised Ronaldo by saying that he is one of the finest the club has ever had and they are privileged to watch him perform for their club.

During his tenure in Manchester everyone could see another great of football was about to emerge and when he was transfer to Madrid in 2009 from Manchester Ronaldo was on the ascendency to became a legend.

After all these years we could see it why he was picked up at that time on a record fee.

The 1 year old netted the balls 368 times for Madrid in his 356 emergences, and the whole club is over the moon with this fact.

Perez said: "He was back to being the Champions League's top scorer with 16 goals [during the 2015-16 season].

"He won his fourth Golden Shoe – the only player who has done that – and so was named the best player in Europe by UEFA.

"He's the top goalscorer in Madrid history, with some 368. He's a myth for football and Madrid."

Another one of pereze’s monumental effort when he signed the French legend Zinedine Zidane and perrez considers this decision as one of the wisest decision he has ever taken for the club.

"He symbolises everything about Real Madrid. He's part of the legend," he added.

"One of my proudest decisions was to have brought him to Madrid, initially as a player and then as coach. He won the Champions League as a player, as an assistant, and as the head coach."