Ronaldo 7: No One will be compared to Me- Cristiano Ronaldo


Football News: The Real Madrid ace Cristiano Ronaldo believes right now there is no one to be compared with him, as he thinks in this football world not many competitors of his has his talent or dedication.

Ronaldo 7:  Ronaldo claimed to be the best in this football world.


The Portuguese superstar came through the ranks of Sporting Lisbon, and then shone as a player under Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, he has won his first Ballon d’Or award at Manchester United but he has enjoyed his best time at Madrid, by creating hereditament at Madrid.

After moving to La Liga he has his long personal duals with the Argentine star of Barcelona Lionel Messi, but in Madrid, he has archived everything with them and also got four Ballon dO’r trophy there.

Though the debate is still there, right now who is the best player in the world? As Many people Believe that Messi has some gifted talents, and others believe that Ronaldo’s work ethics and his dedication is on another level.

But the Portuguese star Ronaldo believes that there are two things are there which makes no to be compared with him.

Ronaldo voiced: "In the beginning I was dreaming to be best player in the world.


"Friends of mine [would] look at me like; 'what are you talking about?' I played for fun, for a joke, but in my mind that potential started in Manchester, that's when I started to believe.


"I don't see many people with my talent, dedication, my work, my ethic, my football. No one is going to be compared with me; no one is going to be Cristiano Ronaldo. You're going to be yourself, I'm going to be myself."