Ronaldo 7: I always say I am the best, and I prove it- Cristiano Ronaldo

Football News: on this money the 33-year-old named the best Portuguese star of 2017, and after receiving the glory he dismissed his critics in a style.

Ronaldo 7: Ronaldo hit hard to his critics after winning yet another Individual award.

Last night the Portuguese national team captain Cristiano Ronaldo named the best Portuguese player of 2017, beating his compatriot’s Rui Patricio and the Manchester City star Bernardo Silva.

Last season he won the Champions League with his club and also matches the Ballon d’Or number with Lionel Messi five times.

Also right now the Superstar is finding his form for his club, as he scored four goals for Madrid in their last match. 

After achieving the Individual glory. Ronaldo voiced: "I am grateful for this award to all those who are here,"

"It is also an award for all my colleagues — 2017 was an excellent year, unforgettable both collectively and individually."

"I also won my fifth Ballon d'Or and my second The Best award. I also dedicate it to my four children. That's another record — three children in three months.

"We have to defend what is ours because there is always a Portuguese in the fight.

"I always believe and say that I am the best, whatever they say, and then I show it in the field. We are in the fight year after year."

Last season he has scored 42 goals for Madrid in his 46 games, in this campaign he has scored 37 goals so far in his 35 games.

In Madrid’s last match Ronaldo struck four goals and with that, he scored the 50th hat trick in his career for his club and country.

Right now Madrid is in the third spot of the La Liga table, and after the international break they will face  Las Palmas in their domestic league and after that in the Champions League, they will tackle Juventus.