The brand ambassador reveals that in his career he has received many offers from England and also believes playing in England "could have been special".


When he was at his peak from in his footballing career he received many offers from the English giants Manchester United side and also from the Chelsea side,

But he expresses that he has no regrets that he snubbed both the club at that time.

In the year of 2003, the Brazilian legend was one of the most sought after talent in the football domain.

The English giants were ready to land him down at the Old Trafford but in that time he joins the Catalan side and with them, he played some scintillating football for them and won UEFA champions league and La Liga titles and also the FIFA world player of the year award.

Ronaldinho said: “I never even thought of that,”

“Yes, I could have played for another club, but I went to Barcelona because of my friendship with Sandro Rosell. I could have played for Manchester United. 

“My brother was already studying what I would do after PSG. I was a World Cup winner then, and that opened a lot of doors. 

“But when Sandro was elected, I had the chance to see the club and the city, and the choice became easy.”

He also reveals that he received some offers from the Chelsea side also at that time and also a shocking offer from Blackburn Rovers.

He added: “I don’t regret not having played in England, but it could have been special because it’s a fantastic league,”

“Chelsea tried to take me there once, and some other teams were interested in signing me, too. 

"The league there is so fast and so intense all of the time – it’s great to watch and not boring at all. 

"I don’t tend to watch all 90 minutes of Premier League games, but I will see more of the highlights and the goals in the Premier League than I see of other leagues around the world.”