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The 36 year old former Brazilian international and world cup winner Ronaldinho revels that the Catalan side is closely monitoring the Liverpool star Coutinho.


The former Catalan player claims that his club is closely watching the Liverpool youngster.

The Brazilian superstar is currently the Brand Ambassador of Barcelona club and he has played his part with them from 2003- 2008.

And he claims that the Catalan side is interested on Philippe Coutinho.
The 24 year old attacking midfielder picked up an injury few weeks ago and he was benched because of that and everyone is expecting within a few weeks he will return to the field.

This season the Brazilian has netted 5 goals for his side in his 13 league appearances before his injury and played excellently for his side in this season so far.

The 36 year old Barcelona superstar believes that if he continues to impress like this than maybe Barcelona will launch bid for him.

In an interview the 36 year old Brazilian told to SUN:

“I hope when he returns from injury that he will continue the form he has been showing all season with Liverpool,"

“He has been one of the stand out players in Europe this season – and I know there is a lot of admiration of him at Barcelona.

“Liverpool will want to keep him, they have built the team around him.

“But when you play at that level then there is always interest.”

Another former Barcelona superstar claims about Coutinho in the recent past.

Xavi voiced: “When you play at the level he is there is always going to be talk, but for now he needs to ignore all that and stay focused, because I think Liverpool have a real chance this season.,"

“There are not many players that can improve Barcelona, but if you are asking me if he is one of them, on this form, I think he is. Technically he is very good. He would suit Barcelona's philosophy well.”