Roma can knock out Liverpool: Nainggolan

Football News: Roma midfielder Nainggolan knows that Mircal can happen just like they knocked out the Tournament favourites Barcelona in the previous round of Champions league.

Nainggolan believes that Roma can turn things up at Stadio Olimpico.

In the Querterfinlas Roma outsmart Barcelona, they managed to turn things around against the Catalan giants after they had conceded 4 goals against them at Camp Nou and in their home ground they overcome the three goal deficit and stunned the Football world, because of that wonderful game the Belgium midfielder Radja Nainggolan is optimistic that they can do the same with the Liverpool as well in the Semi’s.

In the first leg against Liverpool , Roma has conceded 5 goals at Anfield, but Roma has some glimpses of hopes as they managed to cancel out two out of 5 by scoring 2., it means to reach to the final they have win it by 3-0 goals against the English giants.

Di Francesco: "At home in Europe this season we’ve only really struggled against Atletico Madrid. Since then we’ve managed to contain our opponents and I hope it’s the same tomorrow. The passion of our fans should give us an extra push.”
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The Roma man , Nainggolan voiced: "We did it against Barcelona – against [Lionel] Messi and [Luis] Suarez – and they barely had a shot all game,"

"We'll try to make another historic moment like we did against Barcelona. That shows that it's possible.

"We were sad in the locker-room after the game at Liverpool, but the coach said to us the next day: 'We have to believe we can do it.' That's all we can do.

"It was difficult for us. It was the first Champions League semi-final for a lot of our players and to lose 5-2…They are so quick in the attack and we had a lot of difficulties.

"It's difficult playing against them because they're all aggressive, they all press high and they keep running like animals.

"Even in the 94th minute they were still running. I don't think Liverpool had what I would call fluid actions, but they were playing the ball into space and we made too many mistakes by leaving for them."