The former striker of the Delhi Dynamos is on a dilemma to miss the opening game against the North East Uniteds due to the list of injuries that is coming in the way of FC Goa.



As we know there are many such incidents in this edition that during the training or practice sessions players are getting injured and had to leave the tournament before it even started, and yet again the name of Robin Singh is uplifted in the list of injured players.



Robin Singh, Indian international player is being ruled out of the league due to his hamstring injury.



The player has just recovered from a knee injury in the last December and yet again this time he has been attacked with the same, ISL is such a big platform and the proven player had the chance to prove himself once again just after his injury but it striked him again.



Zico Goa’s head coach is in a very awful situation as one by one his players are getting injured and it is becoming a very big ask for him to set the players position and obviously the squad which always changes if a player leaves due to any consequences, as we know Goa has lost many of his player this season for injury.



But we hope to see them backing up strongly even after the negative vibes going around in the mind.