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The Bayern Munich winger Robben believes that some decisions from the Referee that went against the Bayern Munich side led them to exit from the tournament.


The Dutch winger believes that his team was robbed last night after they are knocked out from the tournament by the Spanish giants.

Last night Real Madrid side defeated the Bayern Munich side in extra time by 4-2 goals and on a 6-3 aggregate, they went through to the next round.

Last night the Bayern Munich midfielder Arturo Vidal was sent off by the match officials.

The Real Madrid talisman Critisnao Ronaldo scored a hat trick against the German giants that helps the Spanish giants ease passed the Bundesliga giants.

Last night Bayern Munich have dominated the match and they were leading by 2-1 goals and in the 84th minute Vidal picked up a second yellow card because of his challenge which was looking a fair one.

In the extra time, Madrid took the advantage of one extra man and Ronaldo scored a hat trick in that time and deleted Bayern Munich side from the Champions league.

In an interview, Robben said: "Yeah, you know in my opinion it's a shame because you see such a great game. 


"Everyone in the world saw two great teams against each other with great players on the pitch.

"It was a joy to watch. Then a game like that is being decided by the crucial decisions of a referee. I don't like talking about referees but you always have to look at yourself and the mistakes you make or what you have done wrong. In this case, it wasn't one, it's more and crucial decisions decide games.

"It was a great advertisement for football and then it's being decided by someone with a whistle."