The Die Roten side made a new deal with the 33 year old French winger this season, and the Frenchman is willing to leave Europe after he got his contract over with Bayern Munich.


The Frenchman will sign a new contract with the Bundesliga Champions and he revels that he will play his football in another Continent except Europe.
The winger added that his new deal what the Bayern Munich side has offered him will last until 2018 and after that he will try to leave Europe and he will continue his football in another Continent.

The Frenchman revels that he has no kind of intension of playing his football in Europe but he also says that if this season go well for him he might continue his football with Bayern Munich.

The superstar added that:

"In Europe, Bayern is my last club – 100 per cent,"

"Do I need a different experience or idea? If so, only just for fun, not like now at Bayern. 

"Maybe I'll quit after my time at Bayern; maybe I will play somewhere else for one more year. 

"How do they say in Munich? 'Schau'n mer mal' ['We'll see']. We'll see how this season goes and then the one after that.

"I know that the door for me to renew again here is always open."

This season the Frenchman has made 13 emergences for the Bayern Munich side under their new boss Carlo Ancelotti and scored two goals for them so far in all the competitions.

In 2007 the 33 year old joined the Bayern Munich side and with them he won six Bundesliga titles and also he won the Champions league with them and also he won several 18 trophies with them.