Messi to return to the squad after he had talks with Edgardo Bauza



Lionel Messi decided to return to the squad after talking to Edgardo Bauza. He announced his reversal to Argentina as he did not want to create further problems for the team. Albiceleste boss Edgardo Bauza had some personal chat with the Barcelona star after which his mind changed and the star made up his mind to return to the football world. His decision made up bloom a number of hearts of his fans.


Messi announced his retirement decision soon after he missed a penalty against Chile in the Copa America finals which led him to lose the game and was counted in three major defeats in finals within years.


"I see there are lots of problems in Argentine football and I do not want to create another" said Messi on Friday.


"I do not want to cause any harm, I have always tried to do the opposite and help wherever I could.


"We have to fix a lot of things in Argentine football, but I'd rather do that from the inside and not criticising from the outside."


"A lot of things went through my head the day of the last final and I seriously thought about quitting, but I love this country and this shirt too much,"


"I thank all the people who want me to keep playing with Argentina, I hope we can soon deliver them some joy." added the Albiceleste captain.