Real Madrid Latest News: Zidane urges his players to be calm


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Real Madrid latest news note that this the reigning La Liga Champions are seven points behind than their bitter rivals Barcelona but Zidane is not concerned.

Last night the Real Madrid side lost their match against the Real Betis side on their home ground but the French coach of Real Madrid Zidane wants everyone to be calm and he also insists that there is nothing to be worried about as he believes that right now their defence is struggling a bit.

Real Madrid latest news not that their misfortune at Santiago Bernabeu continues, last night they bite the dust against the Real Betis side by 1-0 goals, though last night Cristiano Ronaldo came in the starting lineup after his five-match suspension.

It is Real Madrid’s worst run in their domestic league after in 2011 in the time of Jose Mourinho’s tenure, as if they are now seven points aback from the Barcelona side.

After that match, Zidane says: "I do not think the situation is delicate,"

"We have lost points, but there are also many matches left. All the work we have done is not going to be thrown in the trash because of three bad games at home.

"We have not been successful in the shots on goal. I am the coach of this team and what we need is calm, rest and to think about the next game."

The shocking result against the Betis side also snapped their Spanish giants 73 match scoring streak.

Zidane added: "Today the ball did not want to go in. This is football. No need to review it again,"

"It has not been a great match, but it has not been a bad match either. Last season, we won games that maybe we did not deserve and now it's the other way around. Tranquillity."

"I do not think there are any reasons to be concerned. We had a good match in San Sebastian [against Real Sociedad]. Do not be worried,"