Real Madrid Latest News- La Liga is not over-Zidane


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At this stage, Barcelona is sitting comfortably at the top spot with 11 points lead over Madrid, but Zidane is optimistic about La Liga this season as well, he is not ready to give up if even today, they lose against Barcelona.

Zinedine Zidane is adamant and strongly believe that this season that the La Liga title race is not over though they are 11 points away from Barca, and he thinks if today they lose the match against Barcelona in the El Clasico still his side has a chance to come back in the league.

Right now Madrid are 11 points short but they have one extra game in their hand, and today if they can defeat their arch-rivals in their backward then they can reduce the points deficit to 5 points with Barca.

In the La Liga history never a team managed to reduce the deficit of 10 points or more and able to claim the league to their name, so this season the odds are in favor of the Catalan giants.

Zidane fells if today Barcelona win against them and they could take 14 points lead against them still Madrid would have plenty of time to catch them.

Question asked to the French manager if today Barcelona’s victory over them would spell an end to their title race, in reply he said: "No, whatever happens tomorrow we will keep working and keep thinking.


"There's still a long way to go and tomorrow is just three points. We know we have to play well, but it won't change anything, whatever happens.


"I'm sure it'll be the most difficult game of season, Barca-Madrid games always are. They're great, but they're always difficult.


"We like that. That's why the players go out – we want these games. You know that to win the league, although it's not just down to these games, Clasicos are very important for winning the league and the players always think about this sort of thing."