The former Chelsea captain thinks that this season Antonio Conte’s team will slip up their points against their strongest opponents Tottenham as they did earlier in this season.


This season under their new Italian manager Chelsea display some amazing football and they are sitting at the top of the table and nine points clear of Tottenham side and in their upcoming games they do not have to face any hard obstacles.

Wilkins was the assistant manager of Carlo Ancelotti when the Blues won the FA cup and Premier League back in 2010.

The former Blues captain was impressed who the Tottenham side performs against Chelsea in January and in that match Tottenham defeated them by 2-0 goal.

In 2006 the Chelsea side had beaten them by 2-1 goal and that Tottenham side ransom in January.

Both the sides won one game against each other in this season so far,
The former Blue player believes that under the Italian manager Conte Chelsea side are in control of their title race.

The football pundit added: "I thought we were going to struggle, I thought we were going to have a really tough season,"

"But all of a sudden he changes it at half-time [when 3-0 down to Arsenal in September] to a three and all of a sudden they go on this unbelievable winning streak.

"And I think the only team in the Premier League, who they don't play again, that can beat Chelsea is Tottenham.

"They bullied us, they beat us up at White Hart Lane and deservedly smashed us, I've got to say, and I think they are the only team that can beat Chelsea from here on in."

In their next match the Blues will face the Burnley City.