The 30 year old French defender and Sevilla FC player Adil Rami  believes that the Spanish defender Sergio Ramos is the best player in the football domain.


According to the former AC Milan player the Real Madrid center back is the best player in the world though this year Ramos’s club team mate Cristiano Ronaldo landed his fourth Ballon d’Or.

 In This year’s FIFA Ballon d’Or shortlist Sergio Ramos was one of the candidates and also he is the only player who does not get any single voting points.

An example the French defender says that in the recent past the Defender rescues his side Real Madrid side twice once against their arch rivals Barcelona and in their last La Liga match against Deportivo  La Coruna,
In those matches the Defender scored two curial goals for his side in the dying moments the French defender demonstrated.

The 30 year old Real Madrid captain also scored the two important goals in their 2016 Champions league final against their City rivals Atletico Madrid and back in 2014 Champions league final he again came as rescuer for his club where he scored the important goals in the Champions league final.

In the eye of French international he came out as a standout performer in the football domain.

The French international thinks he (Ramos) is sitting at the Numero –uno position at the moment.

The French defender voiced:

“It’s beautiful to watch him play. He’s rapid and contributes a lot in attack. 

“It’s impressive to string together a number of great seasons like he has done.”

These two defenders will face each other soon when the Real Madrid side will play a FOOTBALL MATCH against the Sevilla FC in La Liga on January 15.

This is the first time on this season these two Spanish giants will clash in La Liga,

At the starting of the season the Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos guided a ball into Seivlla’s net and won the UEFA Super cup for his side.