The Brazilian wonder kid of Barcelona Neymar is suspended for their Sunday’s match against the Real Madrid side and after their Champions league defeat, the midfielder believes they can make him elated.


Neymar will miss the El Clasico match as he is suspended and the Barcelona midfielder Rakitic wants to win this match for his fellow team mate.

In their match against Malaga the Brazilian sarcastically applauding to the forth officials after he was sent off and because of that, he is serving the three-match ban.

The Barcelona side also got eliminated from the Champions league quarter final by the Juventus side and in the second leg the Barcelona side host the Serie A outfit but the match ended in 0-0 and he was in tears and he was dejected after the match as in the first leg they faced a 3-0 defeat from the Juventus side.

After the lost against Juventus the Barcelona team is desperate to win the match against their Arch rivals to keep the pressure on them and Rakitic is adamant to win this match in the absence of Neymar. 

Rakitic said: "I don't think it needs repeating that he is an important player,"

"In the past, we have already shown that we can also win when Neymar isn't playing. Of course, it would be much better to have him with us, because he is one of the two or three best players in the world.

"We have a lot of confidence and we have a very strong team. We want to show Neymar that when he is not with us we can still do it, and hopefully, we can take a victory for him."