As the two superstars meet together with the signing of Manchester United this summer, likely there is a cold war going in between the duo regarding the clashing of self-respect as of who is leading in the famous chart.

It has been noticed that the clash is growing very rapidly between both the players only after they have joined Manchester United.


This past Sunday Ibrahimovic jested in fun saying that Paul Pogba has signed Manchester United just to play with him as he was not getting any chance to play as his team mate as of now.

Likely, Pogba has put on the heat up in a different level, uploading a video with him saying: "This guy [Ibrahimovic] wants to get famous, he wants a picture with me, he wants to get famous."

In return Ibrahimovic was entertained by the last word, getting himself in the frame with Pogba and gesturing: "Come, I make you famous now."