The Spaniard manager of Manchester City thinks that the 33 year old goalkeeper is used to handling a lot more expectations has not reacted adversely to being dropped.


The former Barcelona manager thinks that the goalkeeper is reacting 1000 times more than Barcelona in Manchester City after getting dropped from the first team.

In their last game Willy Caballero the Argentine goalkeeper starts the game for the Manchester City squad after Bravo joins the Manchester City squad, and in that match the Argentine goalkeeper did a fair job to protect his posts.

In his first match the Chilean international failed to impress the Manchester City fans when he made his first mistake against their City rivals Manchester United and then he conceded from each of the past six matches.

But in this year the Argentine goalkeeper did not concede a single goal and because of his form maybe in the next match he will be there in the starting lineup in place of Bravo.

The Manchester City coach believes that the 33 year old Chilean goalkeeper will bounce back from the situation.

Ha added: "I talked to [Bravo] beforehand and he understood. I felt that Willy should play,"

"Of course confidence is important but I still have the same confidence in Willy and Claudio, but I thought it was time to play with Willy.

"I'll choose depending on how I see them.

"[Bravo] is a huge professional. He is not a young guy – he has a lot of experience.

"One of the biggest qualities of Claudio is a strong personality. If he wasn't he couldn't play as Chile captain and win the Copa America; playing in teams like Barcelona where the pressure there is 1,000 times higher than here and play there without any problem."

Manchester City will face Swansea in their next match and Swansea City in their earlier matches they defeated Liverpool and Southampton, Guardiola is expecting a tough match ahead for them.

Ha voiced: "I am really impressed. I saw the game against Liverpool and this morning I started to see the game against Southampton,"

"I am trying to discover the way we can attack them and, wow, I cannot find it. It is so complicated.

"When I see their games, I see his hands in his teams. They are so well organised, there is no space between the lines and no space in the middle.

"When you attack out wide they defend the box really well. They can go to [Fernando] Llorente with the long balls and they have quality players for the counter-attack.

"It will be a real tough, tough game. I think one of the toughest games we can expect until the end of the season will be on Sunday.

"Now they are in a good moment. They won in Anfield and against Southampton – not against normal teams."