The 23 year old Frenchman told Mourinho he must make more effort in defence and he wants to play in a further forward role.

Paul Pogba agreed that we want s to play in a more forward role for the Red Devils; the role that now that he is playing for them it’s costing him.

The Frenchman has returned to the Old Trafford for a world record fee from Juventus, but he shown so far only a semblance of his talent.

The Portuguese Jose Mourinho has played him in different number of positions, the midfielder is hoping for a forward position role having impressed on his international duty for the French side in the world cup qualifiers match.

"I try to adapt," he was quoted as saying by the Manchester Evening News. "I am a player who would rather go forward.

"The coach gave me instructions, I try to follow them. I have to retrieve balls and make defensive efforts.

"It cost me a bit to play differently, much like [Andrea] Pirlo. I have to play, be there to recover and play more for the team."

Now the Red Devils are sitting in the sixth position on the table and the midfielder has only scored one goal for them.