The Manchester united hierarchy has warned the Frenchman that he needs to improve his game if he likes to avoid what had just recently happened to the Dutch international.


The 54 year old Dutch football manager believes that the 23 year old French footballer should concentrate on his football or he will become like Memphis.

In the recent past Manchester United sold Depay to the Ligue  1 side Lyon after he fails to make his mark at the Old Trafford, the young Dutchman has joined the Manchester United team back in 2015 under Louis Van Gaal.

Manchester United brought the French midfielder from the Serie A giants for  a world record transfer fee, but this season the Frenchman yet to show his best form at Manchester United, in the recent past he has faced many criticisms for his from.

The Superstar's performance has been overshadowed  by his hairstyle and twitter emoticons,

But Gullit believes that the Frenchman has to prove everyone that he worth it.

Gullit said: “Paul Pogba is going through the same thing at United as Memphis Depay,” 

“He may be the most expensive player in the world, but that does not count if he is spending more time on his dress style, the colours in his hair and his social media.

“Paul should ask Memphis – and he will realise that being successful and reaching top level in England is only possible if you perform every week and if you dedicate everything to your career.

“Memphis was heavily criticised because he found it more important to pimp his image than improve his football. He should have known that stuff on the pitch goes before anything.”

Former Dutch international believes that the Manchester United supports could turn on Pogba if he fails to justify his transfer money on the pitch.

He voiced: “Pogba will also get the wrath of the fans. People will start to moan and have a go at him,”

“Even for the biggest football stars in the world there is a big rule: Playing well for your club comes first, don’t let all the other stuff catch the limelight. That is my advice.”

Last night Manchester United drew their match against Stoke City where Pogba fails to perfrome for them.