The 18-years-old Manchester United’s forward feels so lucky to have the world most expensive player in his side. He believes that the France international is one of most versatile player as he said he is a midfielder but he can play as forward, he can score, he can defend. 


The France midfielder has recently completed his £89 million world record move to Manchester United from the Italian giant Juventus and ready to share the dressing room of Manchester United.

In an interview the young and talented United’s striker said,

“He's a midfielder who can do everything,"

"He can go forward, he can sit, he can score goals and create goals and he can defend. He's an all-round player who would benefit any team. We're just lucky to have him." Rashford added.

Rashford expressed that he is eagerly waiting to learn with the former Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and he has also praised Rooney and Michal for their game play and said, 

"It's amazing to have both of them to learn from," 

"You've also got someone like Michael [Carrick] too. You pick up bits from each of their games and put them into your own.

"They've won so many trophies. I think Zlatan's won 30 trophies and Wayne and Michael are two of the most decorated players in football so there is a lot to learn from them. And not only for me, but the other young players who are coming through. 

"Everything that we're going through and will go through in the next few years, they've been there and done it and can tell us all about it. So it's a real benefit for us to have them."