The Frenchman Rejoined his former side Manchester United this season and this season he is enjoying the Company of his team mate Lingard.


The 23 year old moved back to his previous club Manchester United after he played four years with Italian giants Juventus and this time he reveals that he is looking to meet up with his old friend Lingard.

In the previous Transfer window the Manchester United side brought back their player from Juventus with a world record fee and now he is enjoying his time with his former club.

The Frenchman has described Manchester United as his home and he tells that the four seasons with Juventus is just like going on a holiday, and this time he is delighted to join his side and he is also glad to see his team mate Lingard and also happy for him they way he enhanced his game during this time.

The Frenchman said that: "When Jesse saw me, I was really happy to see him,"

We grew up together. To see him in the first-team, I'm very happy and very proud."

The 23 year old also revealed how he and his brother like to play football together now his brothers are playing for Sparta Rotterdam (Mathias Pogba) and in Saint-Etienne (Florentine Pogba).

The Manchester United man added: "I'm always in touch with my brothers … I always follow them,

I always trained with them and played with them because they were bigger than me and older than me. They told me it was better for me.

"Sometimes I played with my brothers but I liked to play against them as well. They didn't want me to hang out with them and their friends but when it came to football they were always with me."