Manchester United's new record signing "Paul Pogba" is still not showing the worth and class as he was supposed to.

last Sunday in the premier league match against Chelsea Manchester was heavily banking upon their star struck player but eventually it turned out as an utter despondency.

Ex Manchester United captain Gary Neville also connived his disappointment when he said Pogba is all over the place right now but he will find his way and he also believes the special one is the right one to do the job.

last Sunday the expectation was pretty high from Mourinho as he was returning to his 'old house' but it turned out as not such as happy affairs after all as he has to witness his crew getting tear apart by his former side.

 "Pogba is no doubt confused," the former defender told Sky Sports .


"He has been signed for such a huge fee and I look at him and it was a difficult day for him. It was difficult for him at times at Anfield as a No.10 so, at the moment, I think Jose Mourinho is trying to find a way to incorporate him and when you sign a player for that level of money, you somehow have to make it fit."

in light of his sacking from Stamford Bridge Mourinho was desperate to hit his former club hard but it was the other way round in reality, as his side showcased very mediocre performance which ended in a 4-0  despicable beating.

the defeat also saw the club left stranded seventh at the league table lagging six points behind league leaders.

"There will be a massive over-reaction to the game, Jose Mourinho will come under huge pressure and it will be ramped up ahead of the derby on Wednesday. I am quite relaxed," Neville.


"When you are a Manchester United fan for 30 years, for 50 years, you are going to have difficult times like these and you have to accept when they come along and be mature about it.


"They have got a fantastic manager who has been proven in every league in Europe nearly, and they have to allow him to do his job methodically over the next two to three years, get it right.


"There has been some poor management, some poor recruitment decisions and there have been players signed who are not Manchester United players. I am not talking about talent, I am talking about profile.


"Pogba and [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic are more Manchester United players in my mind in terms of personality and the physical aspect, so I do think ultimately Mourinho is on the right track in terms of recruitment.


"They have got to continue to do that and they have got to move away some of the previous, which will be difficult because they are on big contracts, but he doesn't panic in the transfer market."