The german midfielder has not being playing for his side for a long time and must train with the reserves,much to the anger of his former team mate, who hit out the Portuguese manager.

Lukas Podolski Former Germany international has hit out at Jose Mourinho for his treatment of Bastian Schweinsteiger.

The 32 year old midfielder joined the Red Devils in 2015-5016 campaign, but he fails to create a impact because for his injury problem partially.

The Special one quickly decided that he no longer Schweinsteiger was needed,and he dropped the German midfielder to the reserve.

"When you look at the career Bastian has had, I can only say that what is happening there is simply not right for a player of his stature," Podolski told

"I do not know what Mourinho has discussed with Bastian. But is clear that it is not okay to drop someone like Basti to the reserves.

"A coach should always keep his door open to all players, and especially to players like Schweini."

Schweinsteiger tie up with United until June 2018.