Pochettino is the perfect successor to Mourinho: Neville

Football News: Former Manchester United star man Gary Neville believes who has worked wonders with his limited resources at Tottenham can achieve many things at United.

Pochenttino is an ideal man to replace Morinho.

The Argentine manager Pochettino is an ideal man to replace the Special one at United according to Gary Neville, there is assurance that there would be a vacancy at United in the near future, the special one is tied up with them to 2020.

Neville believes at this moment Jose is the ideal man to manage United, as United will flourish in that time.

In an interview with the Sky Sports the, former Manchester United man voiced: “Pep Guardiola, the way I should judge him, should he win the league? Yes, he should win the league.

“Should Jose Mourinho win the league? Yes, they should win the league with the money they've spent at those clubs.

“It [Guardiola at City] is a great managerial performance because he's extracting the maximum from the players with the biggest budget.

“You look at Mauricio Pochettino? Kyle Walker and [Danny] Rose, they were nowhere near as good players.

"[Mousa] Dembele? I used to think he was overweight, I used to think he was lazy, now I think he's a fantastic player. [Christian] Eriksen always used to play on the outside of a game, now he gets right in where it hurts.

“[Harry] Kane? Three, four, five Premier League goals, when Pochettino came to the club. You look at what Dele Alli has done in the last two or three years. It's an outstanding performance.

“When Jose Mourinho's time is finished at Manchester United, whether that is one year, two years, I hope it's three years, I hope he wins multiple Premier League titles because I think he's a fantastic manager.

"This is the guy that I would want to manage the club that I support, because I think he deserves it.

“It's probably the same for Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and Daniel Levy knows that.

“It's a big problem, because if he leaves it'll be an issue for Tottenham because he's extracting the maximum from limited resources.”