Last night the reigning La Liga champions displayed a poor football against Real Sociedad, according to the Defender.


The Catalan defender thinks that thy doesn’t have  chance to hold their title this season as if they play like this way, they were unable to deliver the performance that they are hoping to deliver against Real Sociedad last night.

Next in December 3 the greatest FOOTBALL MATCH between Barcelona and Real Madrid the El Clasico will happen at the Camp Nou, this will be the first Clash of this season between the two giants and before that they (Barcelona) display a shaky game against Real Sociedad and they held the match draw and now they are six points away from Real Madrid who are sitting at the top of the table with 33 points.

Last night Barcelona survived that very difficult match and they are lucky to collect one point form the match, while the home team scored the first goal after that the Argentine Scored the equalizer for his team but Juanmi scored a goal for his side but the goal was denied by the referee that the goal was unjustly ruled out by the referee and the winger Cralos Vela hit the woordwork twice during the match.

The 29 year old defender express:

"In the first half, we vanished. It will be very difficult to win LaLiga like this.


"They pressed us well and prevented us from playing our game. You can hardly say that was Barca, but a draw from today isn't too bad."


"I think I'm okay. My ankle hurt in the first half but I hope to be there on Saturday,"


"It's a very important match and I know that the fans will respond. We play against a great team, the best in the league right now – that's why they are where they are."