The 29 year old Catalan defender fells that at this moment the fate is with the Los Blancos  side but they can turn things around ad they can clobber their fierce rivals.


The Veteran defender thinks that they can change the scenario and they can win this year La Liga title, right now they are still six points adrift of Real Madrid and they are sitting at the 2nd position on the table.

Last night in the match the Barcelona side netted a goal thanks to Suarez he gives his side a 1 goal advantage at the 53 rd minute and but the Catalan side fail to hold their lead and they concede a goal at the 90th minute and they fail to close down the gap with their rivals.

In 2014-2015 campaign the Real Madrid was led by four points till February, but in that season the Catalan came behind from back and they managed to win the La Liga title with 2 points extra from Real Madrid.

The Barcelona defender said that: "Everything is going right for Real Madrid and the goal in the 90th minute keeps their unbeaten run going, but experience tells me that this [the season] is very long,"

"The first year of Luis Enrique, in 2014-15, we were in a similar situation. They were on a great run of form and had a four-point lead.

"It all depends on ourselves and how we play football. If we recover our style, which we did in part [on Saturday], we're unstoppable and we can turn things around.

"We're on a good path, we've competed for the whole game and you have to be calm because there's a long way to go. I've seen worse situations."

Last night the Spanish Youngster Lucas Vazquez obstructs the Defender off the ball and the defender did not like the thing.

Pique voiced: "He was trying to do it all the time,"

"They are moves that are very difficult for the referee to see, even though I warned him.

"Lucas was dedicated to bother me and not let me get where I could. I suppose they know I am the tallest player in the team and the most important in [set-pieces]."