Pep Guardiola thinks Arsenal can be one of the contenders for next season


The Spanish tactician thinks that the sleeping giants Arsenal can be the contenders for the title trophy in the next season under his former assistance Mikel Arteta if he gets the given support.

On this Saturday, the Manchester City side will face the Arsenal in the FA cup in the Semi Finals at Wembley and Guardiola believes that Arteta is creating something unique at Arsenal.

Before that match Manchester City boss said:

“I expect a tough, tough game. They [Arsenal] have something special already, they have a team spirit Mikel has created,”

“I see from the side how they celebrate goals, how they fight for every ball. They have begun to create something special for the club. We approach Arsenal like we do the other ones.

“Arsenal were one of the elite clubs in English football for the last 20, 30 years. I am pretty sure the right person to take them back to the position they were. When the club supports him there is no better person to do the job than Mikel.

“I have the feeling he is creating something unique. If he can be supported by the club with investment, get the players they need, they can be contenders for the next years.”

Guardiola also said that he is a huge admirer of the Arsenal defender David Luiz and he laughs off the criticism he faces from the football pundits in the recent games, in their previous meeting David luiz made a mistake and Arsenal need to pay for it and also he gave a penalty away to Manchester City and they won the match by 3-0 goals against Arsenal in their last encounter.

Guardiola added:

“I have a incredible respect for him and his career. He is an exceptional player with an incredible mentality, especially personality,”

“I laugh at all the pundits, they were defenders and they didn’t make one mistake in their careers when they played 10 or 15 years.

“I like he is still playing football and I am pretty sure he is going to make more good actions and mistakes, it’s part of the game. I have a lot of respect for this player.”