The 64 year old Brazilian Vanderlei Luxemburgo has not been impressed by the Spaniard Guardiola.

According to former Brazil manager the Catalan Pep Guardiola has to prove that he is better than Carlos Ancelotti and he thinks he is more about marketing than coaching.

The 45 year old Spanish coach is the youngest coach who owns the Champions League with Barcelona and at Bayern Munich he won three consecutive Bundesliga titles with them.

Former Brazil manager who also coached {Los Blancos} Real Madrid, he told that:

“He is more about marketing than being a coach. Guardiola won a lot of titles with Barcelona but then Luis Enrique arrived and he won the same.

“Guardiola went to Bayern Munich, he prepared, he learned the language and he didn’t achieve the same [as Jupp Heynckes], who won the treble at 70 years old, but he didn’t.

“Carlo Ancelotti was a champion in Milan, in Madrid. I think that for

Guardiola to prove he’s better he will have to win with Manchester City. I will only be convinced if he wins with Manchester City.”

Ancelotti has come down Guardiola at Bayern Munich in this season, and the Italian asserted that-

"It's easy because the team has a lot of football knowledge, and a fantastic quality.

"I think they build this quality up with Guardiola. I found the team was in really, really good shape, good condition and with great knowledge.

“The foundations were really good so I never wanted to change them. Every coach has his own idea of football so I tried to implement my idea without having a revolution.”